The Best Time To Visit India Around The Year - The Ultimate Climate Guide For You To Know 0

12th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Packing summer clothes along with a raincoat and a sweater might seem like a livid idea to you, right? Maybe it won’t if you are visiting the enigmatic Indian subcontinent. India is a country that not only boasts diversity in culture but also climate conditions and weather. From piercing cold in the Northern plains to humid tropical Southern states, where ever you wish to go in India, it is important to make sure you have complete knowledge of the climate of your desired destination.

Let us take a look into the weather and climate variations in India and favorable destinations accordingly:

1. Wear a sweater in North India while visiting between October to February

Child Wearing Sweater During Winter

  • So you are planning to visit the Northern regions of India? Make sure you carry more warm clothing as temperatures could go as below as -32 degrees celsius.

  • October to February are the best time to visit India all around but you could witness more vibrant festival in the Northern states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and many more during this period

Snowboarding India

  • Sip a hot cup of Chai (Tea) or go snowboarding at the foothills of Himalayas as numerous adventure activities like skiing, trekking, bungee-jumping, rafting and much more awaits you.

2. Umbrella and Raincoats are your best friends while visiting between June to October

Monsoon India

  • The phenomenon of Monsoon can be only be witnessed in India. The Southwest region and the Northeast region get average to heavy rainfall during the Monsoon season. Raincoats, umbrellas and some common cold medication is a must during the monsoon season.

  • You will only find relentless downpour between June to October making the majority of North India less pleasant as compared to during Winter season.

Monsoon India Raincoat

  • Either stroll across the sea faces of Mumbai for some romantic vibes or get an ayurvedic treatment in the serene backwaters of Kerala. Don’t fail to step into the flowery paradise of Spiti Valley in Uttarakhand where flowers bloom under the showering grace of clouds.

3. Sunscreen, breathable clothes and lots of water for you to enjoy from March to May

Coconut water india summer

  • The anatomy of Indians has become habitual to sustain under the temperatures of more than 40-degree celsius. The same might not be said about you but you can beat the heat with the right set of airy comfortable clothes, sunglasses, bottled water and lots of sunscreens.

  • March to May mark the harsh summer months with scorching heat and humid all across the country be in North, South, East or West.

Goa Beach Summer

  • This definitely doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the country. Go on a safari in the long list of Wildlife National Parks in India. Spot a tiger along with the iconic biodiversity of the country. Visit a museum or grab a chilled beer from the nearest bar. Summertimes are for long party nights and the beaches of Goa cater to these fun-filled offerings for you. Dance your heart away in a disco shack or go surfing. Don’t let the sun steal your fun.

Whether it’s your honeymoon or just an unplanned getaway, India is the ideal place to visit and explore all year round if you know everything about the weather. No heat or snow should prevent you from experiencing beautiful memories right here in India. If you need Free travel advice contact us and we will help you plan your trip.

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