How To Save Money While Visiting India - Tips To Complete Your Travel In Low Budget 0

12th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Maybe you are someone who has decided to have a weekend getaway in India? Or maybe you are a backpacker traveling with a tight budget? Whatsoever your reason maybe, India can be quite expensive if you want it to be. From travel fares to food and accommodation, the more things you add in your list, the larger the bill gets and smaller your savings. How about we show a few easy ways to save money while traveling in India without compromising with experiencing magnificent sites?

Go through this simple yet incredible list of ways to spend less while exploring India:

1. Learn the art of negotiating like an Indian

Bargain India

Let’s not deny the fact that Indians love to negotiate. Whether it is while buying something or getting a discount, the art of bargaining in Indian style is something to learn while roaming the streets of India. You too could learn this skill and save a lot of money while shopping in India. Getting something in about half of its real price is great since it facilitates more cash for you to spend someplace else.

2. Spend less by staying at a Backpacker hostel

Zostel Backpacker Hostel India

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No, it’s not a hotel. Backpacker hostels are incredible and vibrant guesthouses which are available at much cheaper rates than that of hotels. Quite like paradise for backpackers, the number of hostels is increasing in India every single day. With prices as low as 300 rupees, you may enjoy kitchens, cafes, private dorms, and single beds. Hostels like Backpacker Panda, Zostel, Roadhouse Hostels are a few among countless options if you truly want to save money by staying at a hostel.

3. Travel during off seasons and enjoy cheap rates

Offseason India Delhi

Off seasons in India differ according to the region. Mostly peak seasons lie between October and March but off-seasons depend on which region you are planning to visit and at what time of the year. Off seasons in the Northern region would be around summertime, while that in the southern and western regions would be around the time of winter season. Traveling to prominent destinations during off-seasons when the demand is far lesser can ensure huge savings.

4. Eat a lot but at the right places to save money

Indian Thali

Since India is considered a street food paradise, you would be tempted to spend all your money to taste a bit of every mouthwatering dish. But to save money and still satiate the cravings of your stomach you can try a few ideas. You may book rooms in a hotel that provide complimentary breakfast and other meals. Or you may look for small food establishments which are full of local people guaranteeing ample and safe food at a low cost. If you are really hell-bent on not spending much on food, visit the nearest Sikh Gurdwara that not only provides free meals but also free accommodation as well.

5. Use general public transport and save the traveling cost

Train India Public Transport

Can’t afford domestic flight fares? Not to worry. Traveling via Indian railways or using state-owned public bus services is an incredible option to hold on to your limited cash. Not only you would have an incredible experience while using these public means of transport, but you will also reach your preferable destinations right on time safely.

Whether it’s having your favorite food or visiting an unexplored monument, you can cover it all with these worthy techniques to save money while traveling in India.

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