9 Best Tips For Eating In India Without Getting Sick 0

7th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

India is the land of a street food paradise. A long list of scrumptious delicacies may tempt you beyond a point. But it is important to have a thorough knowledge of what to eat, how to eat and when you eat. It will ensure that you don’t suffer from dysentery and treat your tastebuds exuberantly.

Here are simple tips to avoid getting sick while enjoying street food in India :

Uncovered Food Vendor in India

1. Just so it looks tempting doesn’t make it so. Make sure the street food you choose to eat is well covered and stored in a cool and dry place. You would want to eat the food that was ravaged by the street flies and germs.

A crowd forms for street food in india

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2. Eat at those stalls and street establishments where people are struggling to get their order through. If you find a long line or a huge crowd outside a place, it shows that the food is hygienic as well as mouth-watering.

Noveg India

3. Try sticking to vegetarian food while traveling across India. You may have no knowledge of how long the meat is sitting out in the open.

Cooked Indian Meal

4. Always eat cooked, fried or grilled food. The chances are that all the bacteria might have been killed in the hot cooking process. Cooked food is usually fresh as you would know by its warmth.

Fresh Fruit Juice Vendor in India

5. Avoid fresh juices and salads. These juices might be risky even though they are made from actual fruits and vegetables. Usually, tap water is used to prepare the juices at street juice centers. The same water is used for washing the vegetables.

Hot Tea Vendor in India

6. Apart from hot beverages like tea and coffee available on the streets, avoid cold beverages that may contain tap water or ice made from tap water.

Hand Sanitizer

7. Always use hand sanitizers before consuming street food. Play your part as there is no point blaming the vendor if at all you get sick.

Dysentery Medication

8. Consult a doctor immediately if you get sick and take the required medication. Carry probiotics to make your digestive system immune to the street food of India.


9. Lastly, carry your own utensils to use on the go if you do have faith in the utensils provided by the street vendors.

So there you go! A simple guide with a few tips for you to avoid getting sick or suffer from any form of dysentery while savouring the incredibly rich and relishing Indian street food.

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