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6th Oct 19
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Ashwin, an Indian Nomad

With around 22 Major Languages, over 720 Dialects, and all 7 major religions within the same country. India is a unique country with unlimited diversity of food. It is unbelievable that one gets to taste a different palette of food after every few 100 miles. Who would want to experience all this food at the expense of putting on some pounds.

Out of thousands of dishes, I have listed down few handful of dishes which you must avoid eating, so that food does not end up becoming your religion.

*1. Butter Chicken *

Butter Chicken

This dish invented in the 1950’s in the capital city of India, is somehow found in every restaurant. The specially curated tomato gravy, mixed with chicken and cooked in homemade butter, renders a dish which melts in your mouth on the word go. Not only it took nation, but also entire world by storm. It became one of the favourites in London, EU, US, Australia etc.

Unless you want to give up on a bland, no curry, non flavoured food, stay away from this dish. It has the power to even convert vegetarians.

2. Dum Biryani


This dish was for the kings and the sultans of the past era. The long grained Basmati rice prepared with exotic spices such as saffron, marinade with lamb, chicken, fish or vegetable, delivers us an irresistible Rice dish. If cooked traditionally, it takes almost 4-5 hours of preparations. People are crazy for Biryani in every corner of the country. There are 4 storied restaurants which sell only biryani.

If you want to avoid tasting anything royal, stay away from Biryani when you travel to India.

3. Rajma Chaval (Rice)


Popular amongst the vegetarians, this dish which finds its origins in the subcontinent of India, finds its place in everyone’s heart whoever has tried it. The red kidney beans with a thick gravy of whole lot of rich spices, can attract you with its smell from miles apart. Mothers trick their children to develop love for food by preparing this dish regularly at home.

This dish is filled with clarified butter, and the red kidney beans taste heavenly. It’s a doorway to heaven, but who wants to go there. Let’s just stick to mortality and avoid Rajma Chaval.

4. Daal Tadka

Daal Tadka

The smooth and creamy yellow lentils tempered with Indian spices and clarified butter (ghee) with a smoky charcoal flavor, is by far the most common dish of India.

This acts like a catalyst to any mundane food accompaniments. Usually consumed by topping it with a generous dollop of ghee, Tadka Dal is one of the few dishes that is indulgent and healthy at the same time - the lentils are packed with proteins and the tempering of various condiments in hot oil or ghee does a good job of unlocking not only a mind blowing aroma but also the nutrition of the spice

If you don’t want to break the myth that mundane can be this tasty, don’t try Daal Tadka. Stick to the pale food combination.

5. Daal Baati Churma

Daal Baati

They say that this dish is gateway to heaven. This dish is a super hit in Rajasthan, North India and Central India. It’s a combination where ball size dough, made of hard wheat cooked in traditional oven, is served with yellow daal (lentils) soaked overnight and prepared with rich spices and condiments.

The problem is you can not stop at 1 ball of dough. The calm and soothing impact of this dish will push you to take an immediate afternoon siesta. But hey, who wants to avoid a hard word and go for a nap. Hence, avoid eating this heavenly dish.

6. Paani puri


A popular street food of india, where crisp fried dough balls are filled with potatoes, sprouts, green chutney, tamarind, dipped in spicy tangy water and served one by one. Don’t try the first one, because I bet you won’t be able to stop at 1.

This snack is one of the best choices in any gatherings and acts like a starter. Try this only at your own risk (if you can)

Keeping the sarcasm aside, these dishes are really crafted with extreme perfection and love. Any tourist must not leave India without trying them out. They will make the best memory of any trip.

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