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22nd Jan 20
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Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Deserts are great! Deserts are fascinating! You might be wondering to yourself ‘What can I find exactly in a desert other than sand and sun?’. How about a luxurious tent, an opportunity to go paragliding and a walk over the white-colored deserted landscape decorated with the sunset? The pearly lands of Kutch would spellbind you while making you feel as if you are on the moon. All of this could be at your disposal if you step across the magnificent panorama of the Rann of Kutch. This white salt desert brings out its only spectacular act once a year which is well known as the Great Rann Utsav.

Started since 2005 by Gujarat Tourism Department, the Rann Utsav has been winning hearts ever since with its incredible set of offerings from October to February. Starting from the city of Bhuj, the Rann Utsav runs along the district of Kutch till the Indo-Pak borders to give awe-inspiring glimpses of indigenous culture and photogenic attractions. Thriving at 270 kilometers from Ahmedabad, the Rann Utsav is easily accessible by rail as well as air. Hop on a cab or bus to explore the white remnant of the Thar Desert for a once in a lifetime experience.

Here are a few reasons why you should visit the Rann Utsav:

1. Shop local handicrafts and be a part of Kutch culture

Kutch Traditional Fabric

  • What is one of the best things about being a tourist returning from somewhere? Boasting your collection of souvenirs right? It symbolizes the fact that you carry with yourself a small part of the culture to went to witness and explore. While enjoying the Rann Utsav you don’t have to worry about running out of souvenirs. Indigenous people make the best use of their talents and offer the sale of locally made handicrafts exclusively.

  • Get your hands on the colorful Rogan painting or choose from countless vivid patchwork quilts. Step in handstitched patterned leather shoes known as jootis in Hodka village. Get frenzy and try out the silver anklets and copper bells in Khavda and Nirona. Gandhi Nu Gaam is a small handicraft village that awaits your arrival. Collectibles loom large as you would find your hands full of so many rainbow-colored antiques and items. Go and take some Kutch home with you.

2. Taste thrill with a long list of adventure activities

ParaMotoring Kutch Rann Utsav

If flying miles up in the air and enjoying the breathtaking scenes from high above is your thing, then you are at the right place. Adventure activities are a prime attraction of the Rann Utsav which are definitely capable of making you fall in love with them. Go paramotoring over the desert or try your luck in Parasailing over salty waters, the Rann Utsav will make sure your adrenaline reaches new limits. Squeal out of happiness with the iconic Segawey and ATV rides. Do not forget the traditional Camel ride carts, operated by the locals with locally bred camels that are quite adorable.

3. Sing Rangeelo Gujarat with Kutch folk music and dance

Rann Utsav Folk Music

  • One of the biggest takeaways of this offbeat experience is Kutch folk music and dance. What best way to spend your nights witnessing these expressive local artforms practiced generation after generation since ancient times. Kutchi people are famous to elaborate on their feelings and sentiments through various melodious tunes of traditional instruments.

  • These instruments include tabla, sharnai, nagara, Murli, janjhra, manjira, khanjari, ghaghar, flute, duff, dholak, and much more. The breathtaking and distinct local dance forms are sure to blow your mind away. These dance forms are manjira nritya, tippani nritya, iconic Garba, the energetic Dandiya raas, ghoriya raas, ashwa nritya, jag nritya, swords raas of Gadhvis, and many more.

4. Live in a tent or a get inside a Bhunga

Bhunga Huts Rann Utsav

Bhunga Hut? It certainly sounds a bit uncanny but is a thousandfold mesmerizing for real. Even though a Bhunga hut would seem like an ordinary village hut to you from outside it quite contrasting from the inside. Luxurious amenities, interiors, and utilities line the interiors of the accommodable Bhunga. It is designed and maintained to give you experience equivalent to luxury and presidential hotel suites. You could opt for the exquisite tent accommodation with swimming pools and bonfires to enlighten your nights. These captivating stays compliment your Rann Utsav experiences.

5. Stunning sights and sensational weather

Rann Utsav Night

How would it feel to see the soil below your feet turn the same color as the sky? This phenomenon can be found only at the Rann Utsav over the landscape of chalky Kutch dessert. You would eagerly be waiting for the points of Sunrise and Sunset which sky, as well as the land, is colored in vivid shades. Explore other awe-inspiring sights such as the pristine beach of Mandvi, the base village of Dhordo which offers locally made handicrafts and the iconic Kutch Museum. Beat the cold waft of breeze and sweat out by trekking to the highest point of Kutch, the Kala Dungar.

No matter how many souvenirs you would take back home with you, one thing you will definitely take is a handful of unforgettable memories from the ever astounding Rann Utsav. To experience the beauty of North India and such destinations, click here.

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