Best Shore Excursions In India You Need To Explore

27th Nov 19
Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger
Being a relentless traveler you would be thrilled to hop from one travel destination to another. It matters less whether you fly high above the clouds through the air or by trekking upon the rough terrains, life is a journey which expects you to explore endless retreats. But now you have decided to embark on a voyage that involves a lot of water, sand and luxurious expedition under the sun? You are going on a Cruise! Cruise ships are a great way to travel across the globe and explore the incredible port cities that make frequent stops on a long journey. You would have the time of your life while enjoying the lavish amenities onboard. But are you seriously just going to stay up sitting on board of your ship sipping drinks even after it isn’t going to depart for the whole day? We know the inner rogue traveler in you is not going to permit that. So what options do you have?

The only thing you can do is go on a shore excursion. Shore excursions are a series of tours carried out by us which include a visit to prominent places of the port city such as monuments, cultural centers like museums, shopping places, restaurants, and entertainment spots. We try to incorporate all the best facades of the city with a guided tour or with our certified local experts. You can either do this or explore the city on your own or book a local guide in advance to show you the sites.

Shore Excursions in India

India is one of those countries which has been blessed with a long coastline stretching about more than 7,000 km. It is home to some of the best port cities in the world such as Mumbai, Goa, and Kochi. There is a wide array of things to explore and do in these cities which you are free to experience given the fact that you come across the cuisine, landmarks, and the people. Whether it’s the photogenic spot of the Gateway of India or the aesthetic ambiance of the backwaters of Kerala, here are a few selected shore excursions in India that would be your very own unique Indian Carribean adventure:

1. Mumbai Port Shore Excursion - Explore the shore of the City of Dreams.

Jetty Ride Gateway Of India

Shore excursion of Mumbai takes you through the economic capital of India and its bustling metropolis. Start your tour at the port located on the grounds of Apollo Bunder in Colaba and move on to depths of the city discovering monuments, landmarks, food and much more.

  • You have enjoyed the delicious food onboard the cruise? But did you find the Indian burger called ‘Vadapav’ on the menu? You didn’t? How about some Bhelpuri? To taste this local gastronomy you have to step off the ship and take a walk in the lanes of Mumbai.

  • You could spend some time on the crowded yet pristine beaches of Juhu or click selfies near the Gateway of India and the Taj Palace Hotel. Take a ferry to explore the enigmatic island of Gharapuri that hosts the UNESCO World Heritage site of Elephanta caves dating back to the 2nd-Century.

  • Want to see the world’s largest open-air laundry? Visit the bustling Dhobi Ghat that cleans tons of clothes every day. Seek blessing at various religious hubs around the city including the Siddhivinayak Temple, the ISKON Temple, and the iconic Haji Ali Dargah. Explore the vicinities of one of the world’s largest slum, Dharavi. Thousands of small businesses producing goods ranging from leather and handicrafts thrive here which are capable enough to mesmerize you.

  • History awaits your arrival at the Mani Bhavan, the former residence of the Father of India, Mahatma Gandhi. Fall in love with the beauty of Gothic-style architecture with the captivating glimpses of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus. Lose yourself in the tales of the bustling bazaar of the Crawford Market. You could cap it all with a sweeter note by spending the final moments of your excursion by sitting on the Marine Drive and let the dynamism of the city envelope you.

2. Kochi Port Shore Excursion - Captivate yourself in God’s Own Country

Chinese Fishing Nets Kochi Kerala

Kochi Shore Excursion starts at the lower plains of Fort Kochi which is host to several historical sites such as the Oldest Jewish Synagogue of Asia, the Indo Portuguese Museum and the ornate Chinese fishing nets.

  • You might have seen too much sea on your voyage but the inland natural canals that go through the city of Kochi should not be missed. Cruise smoothly through the backwaters offering a serene aura amidst the coast lined with coconut and palm trees, paddy fields and much more

  • Reach Alleppey and get on a traditional and magnificent Houseboat. Experience an incredible blend of luxury and traditional local culture as you drift upon the quaint backwaters. Get a massage or spot exotic animals on this splendid journey.

  • The later part of this shore excursion of Kochi involves visiting the traditional fishing grounds boasting 150-year old Chinese fishing nets used by locals to earn a livelihood. Know their history and how it shaped the lives of people through generations.

  • European heritage and cultural remnants grace the city of Kochi at all points. The St. Francis Church, the oldest European church in India is the must-see site. Other landmarks such as the Jewish Synagogue and the Dutch Palace absolutely alleviate the beauty of this city. So much to see in this big city you could also take some time to learn the local cuisine by attending a traditional cooking class.

3. Goa Port Shore Excursio - Hang around the awe-inspiring heritage

Bom Jesus Basilica Church Goa

Goa Shore excursion starts with the beautiful beaches of Cansaulim and Utorda. It later follows through to the prominent destinations Panaji, Margao, and Old Goa to show you heritage monuments, food places, and bustling spice markets.

  • When Vasco Da Gama discovered a sea route from Europe to India, who knew it would completely change the forthcoming legacy of the state of Goa. Being a Portuguese territory for centuries before independence, the cultural aspects of Goa are much more diverse than expected.

  • The remnants of the Portuguese culture can be found in the monuments such as the Basilica of Bom Jesus, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Landmarks such as the Se Cathedral and St Sebastian Chapel are more than enough to enchant you while you explore Goa further.

  • Home to one of the best beaches in the world, Goa offers you the likes of Dona Paula and Cansaulim beach where you could lay down and relax while enjoying the pleasant breeze of the ocean.

  • Satisfy your inner history buff and pay a visit to Margao where you would come across Goa Chitra Museum which is home to more than 4,000 artifacts. From a chilled beer to Goan Feni (Liquor made from cashew nut), this city is a foodie’s paradise with a wide variety of seafood to taste from such as Pork Vindaloo, Tandoori Lobster, Goan prawns curry and much more.

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