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4th Oct 19
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Meet a traveler who is on the trip, a mission but a journey - Chad from Australia explored India!

What inspires you to travel?

For me the desire to travel, comes from an urge to explore and know the unknown. With each country we seek out and explore, we find new landscapes, new cultures, new people, new situations all of which encourage and help us to grow as people, into unique human beings, all the while reminds us we are all the same on the inside. When we traverse different landscapes and see the beauty and destuction in them. Experience the kindness in others as they welcome us into their countries with open arms and share their stories we experience love and connection that spans continents, and to understand different cultures gives us greater knowledge that we all live our lives in different ways but none of which is wrong just different, and sometimes we adapt different people's ways of life into our own to enhance our lives. And most importantly The Food the way each country, each city, each village or street vendor, cooks, creates and serves an endless array of delicious tasty motels can help you understand a culture better than anything. As a chef this is one of my favorite past times when traveling... eating! One of which Indian cuisine is by far one of my favorites.

What personal advice you would like to give to inspire others?

Explore this world as far and wide as possible, for as long as you can. You will find many wonders out there and within yourself you didn't know that were there. Travel with an open heart and open mind and you will be amazed at what you will find. Nothing is scary once you have done it, so try everything, you won't regret it, try different food, learn words in the local language, hello, goodbye, thankyou it goes along way when connecting with the locals. Pack light you never need as much as you think you need. I've Never met someone who said they should have never starting traveling. Now go and explore and maybe I will see you on the road

What inspired you to travel to India?

My first inspiration came to study yoga but then the inspiration. To continue to travel the whole country was how rich in culture india is, and how you can travel a while country and go through so many different landscapes, from deserts, to mountains, jungle and beaches.

How was your experience? Did you find India as you had imagined?

I had no real expectations on how india would be and I think this is the best way to approach traveling as you will never be dissapointed and only find wonder. I left india after 4 months with a love/ hate relationship** Love for the people, the landscapes, the food Dislike for the pollution, dust but overall the love for india wins as I will most definitely be back

If you were to mention 3 best places to explore in India, which would they be & why?

Rajasthan for its culture, history and buildings Himalayas for the stunning scenery and beautiful landscapes Kerala and Karnataka for its beaches and coastline

Would you like to share any pointers that would have made your travel experience in India better?

India can be a chaotic place, when you realise and accept this you will flow with their way of life much easier. Indian standards are not always the same as western standards so go with the flow Always try and book your trains 3-4 weeks in advance as they book up easily and the country of 1 billion people are using them for regular transport, but they are the best mode of transport there.

Any key notes or recommendations for travelers coming to India?

  1. Have no expectations
  2. Go with the flow
  3. Try all of the food
  4. Be happy and have fun

If given an opportunity, would you like to travel to India again? If yes, what would you like to explore on your next trip?

Yes absolutely! Next would be north east provinces and leh and ladhak region

How would you rate your India travel experience?*

5 Star

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