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8th Oct 19
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Ashwin, an Indian Nomad

The monumental heritage site of Mamallapuram (old Name Mahabalipuram) is in talks as the second official Indo-China summit is hosted in the very town. Home to multiple UNESCO World Heritage monuments, it has been chosen as an ideal venue for the meet between the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and President of China, Xi Jinping.

Well-known for its age-old structures, the location would be an ideal place to host the meeting between the representatives of two nations - India and China, which planned to take place on October 11 and 13. During the meeting, the leaders are believed to be paying a visit to the ancient monuments gracing the landscape of Mahabalipuram. Grand arrangements are made at central as well as state-level since it is the first time Tamil Nadu hosts an event of such dynamic magnitude.

mahabalipuram structures

Mamallapuram Temples

This town also hosted the Defense Expo in 2018 and therefore chosen as the prominent place for the meet. With Chinese delegates overlooking the arrangements, the leaders look forward to exemplifying peaceful bilateral relations.

The meeting held in such a place of historical importance only magnifies the intent of sharing and promoting cultural tolerance between the two countries. The town of Mamallapuram, earlier known as Mahabalipuram, therefore, would experience a great inflow of foreign representatives and tourists from across the globe.

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