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30th Oct 19
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Harshal, Indian Travel Blogger

Nestled amidst the Aravali hills, and situated centrally between Udaipur and Jodhpur, This place is a beautiful amalgamation of wildlife, culture, history and archaeology where you can not only see but experience the everyday life of rural India. Jawai, a place at stone throw away from Korta, is called “The land of Leopards”, and rightly so, because here, the leopard sighting goes as high as 85%.The images followed in this article will compel you to think why this beauty isn’t on top of the world maps.

Meet our hero Mr. Nirbhay Singh, who is a man on a mission to put Korta on world map. In order to promote sustainable tourism in this region, he established Korta Escape, to allow travellers to experience rural Rajasthan in a luxurious way. Set amidst the peaceful Aravali range of mountains and surrounded by serene farmlands and villages, this retreat offers a unique cultural experience to the travellers, and work opportunities to the locals, thereby promoting a sustainable tourism.

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As the name suggests, Mr. Nirbhay is fearless in his approach. A graduate in history honours, a man from a noble family, he has dedicated his life in the development of the people of Korta. His immense knowledge about the history and culture of this place stands next to none.

We got an opportunity to have a brief chat with him. Here are the excerpts:

1. What is Korta Escapes, and the vision behind finding this?

Royal silver tea pots serving tea in open area

My family inherited this village in 1700s, and we are the 17th generation managing this village. Having studied outside for many years, I found my calling in spreading the knowledge of my place and thereby promoting the development of this village and my people. The retreat was found in 2005 in order to showcase the abundance of this place in terms of flora, fauna, the geographical topography of this region.

2. What unique experience is offered to travelers coming to Korta Escapes?

Tourist enjoying horse riding in 5 acre open farm

Geographically, Korta is blessed with an amazing topography and one of the best scenic places situated right in the centre of Udaipur and Jodhpur (2 most visited cities of Rajasthan). We offer a unique blend of adventure, heritage, rich culture and biodiversity. One gets a first hand experience of hamlet of shepherds, camel herders, and goat herders, interact with villagers, go on a horse riding and jeep safaris. Through villagers, they get to know about he cultures, history and the wilderness of this place.

Jawai Leopard Safari bookings are one of the famous experiences here.

3. How does your experience differ from other travel players?

Beautiful Cottages amidst Aravallli hill Korta Escapes

Korta Escape is a retreat spread over 20 acres of farmland. With an in-house ranch, breeding stud farm, beautiful villa cottages amidst a village setting, opportunities to explore the Aravalli ranges through jeep safari – all of these with a perfect harmony, is a unique travel experience which is difficult to replicate, and would need decades of topographical knowledge.

Nicely decorated red theme room in Korta escape

4. What kind of customers do you seek for?

Customers Korta Escapes

Since this is a sustainable tourism mission, we avoid the mass influx of tourists. We seek out explorers, adventure seekers, culture seekers and anyone who is keen to understand the flora, fauna and the culture of Indian villages.

Lunch is served in open area after horse ride

5. Do you find any competing experiences here?

Foreign tourist enjoying Diwali in Korta escape resport

Being indigenous to this place, we bring knowledge and service experience which is unmatchable. As custodians of this village for centuries, we offer community service experience which makes the travellers feel like home. This is unique to us and is transformed only to the customers in the form of our hospitality.

6. What has been the most memorable experience for you so far with Korta Escapes?

Tourist enjoying delicious Indian Lunch Korta

You live with experiences every day. Since 2005 we have had innumerable experiences. One of them was when former Prime Minister of Israel Mr. Ehud Barak visited us for a couple of days, along with his wife and couple of friends. It was a great opportunity to show him around our village and give him first-hand experience of Indian Culture. He was so impressed that he ended up writing a poem for us and the culture of India. Apart from this, numerous guests from various countries who send us handwritten letters, Diwali Cards etc even after many years of visiting us. These experiences motivate us and keep us going.

7. Few Initiatives taken by you for the sustainability in this region?

Villager cooking food by traditional methods in Korta villages

Every initiative we take is keeping the entire village community in mind. Here are a few of them - restored 11th-century Ancient stepwells, plant trees in 300 acres of barren lands, part lectures in nearby schools generating awareness about the environment, make every festival as grand so that the villagers are occupied and so are the guests. All the initiative involves employment generation as well as keeps the people occupied, thus giving them hope to look forward to each day with joy.

The vision of Korta Escapes is much larger than this. They even plan to conduct an art symposium, thereby inviting artists from all over the world for a period of 30-45 days and conduct art exhibitions.

You can view all the experiences offered around this region over here. Or you can directly book with theindiantrip.com by visiting here or call/WhatsApp us at +91-7014911923

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