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26th Mar 20
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Trekking is the most sought-after adventure activity in India. Since the landscape of this country is abundant is high peaks and towering mountains, it attracts trekkers from all across the world.

So where should your next trek take place? How about scaling one of the tallest waterfalls in India? Yes, friends! We are talking about the Dudhsagar Falls. The heavenly abode of Western Ghats, Dudhsagar Waterfall is located in the State of Goa just 60 km away from Panaji city.

Flowing upon the Mandovi River, Dudhsagar Waterfall trek is practiced by avid trekkers especially during the Monsoon season. Its aesthetic white streams of water falling from a height of over 1000 feet give the fleeting image of milk gushing downstream. Hence, the name Dudh Sagar which means 'Sea of Milk'.

You can reach the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, either walking through the green trails over the peak or via the bygone railway tracks leading up to the falls. Whether you reach the Kulem Railway Station or trek through the Castle Rock Station, you are in for a once in a lifetime experience.

Not only admire the serene aura of Dudhsagar Waterfall, but you can visit the popular Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary. The rich and diverse flora-fauna around Dudhsagar Falls is what makes it one of the best places to visit in India in the month of July.

Let us know about it more in details with the simple guide for Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek.

About Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls.jpg

  • Located on the exact border of the Karnataka and Goa, Dudhsagar Waterfalls is a popular tourist attraction during the Monsoon Season. It is a rare four-tier waterfall that cascades from the height of 310m giving off mesmerizing views.

  • It seemingly paints the picture of milk falling from the mountaintop and hence is called Dudh Sagar which roughly translates to 'Sea of Milk'.

  • Falling on the Madgaon-Belagavi railway line, Dudhsagar Waterfall originates upon the Mandovi River. It stands within the quaint *Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. *

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How to reach Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Falls Station

Dudhsagar Waterfalls are not accessible directly. Located on the state borders of Karnataka and Goa, it can be reached by Panaji, Madgaon, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai.

How to reach Dudhsagar Waterfalls by train

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Train

  • The easiest and most convenient way to reach Dudhsagar Falls is by traveling by train.

  • From Mumbai, you can board either the Matsyagandha Express to reach Madgoan or the Vasco Da Gama – Kulem Passenger to reach the Kulem Railway Station.

  • If you wish to reach Dudhsagar Falls from Pune, then board the Goa Express to reach either the Kulem Railway Station or the Castle Rock Railway Station. Both spots act as the starting points of the Dudhsagar Trek.

  • Similarly, if you wish to reach Dudhsagar Waterfalls from Bangalore, then you can get on board the Chennai Central – Vasco Da Gama Express. It will also take you to Kulem and Castle Rock respectively.

How to reach Dudhsagar falls by road

Enroute Dudhsagar Waterfalls

  • The easiest way to reach Dudhsagar by road is to drive from Goa. You have to reach Kullem via National Highway 4A. You have to follow the same route from other cities.

  • You can board a local bus/ cab to reach the base. Private jeep services are also available that take you through the Mollem National Park.

The Route to Dudhsagar Trek and Map

You could take one of the two routes available for the Dudhsagar Waterfall trek. The first one start from Kulem Railway Station and the second one starts from Castle Rock Railway Station. Let us know about them more in detail:

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek from Kulem

Kulem to Dudhsagar Falls Trek Route

  • Kulem Railway Station has located around 12 km from Dudhsagar Falls Campsite. Note that you have to buy a life jacket on rent at the railway stand. You can find these at the nearby Jeep Stand.

  • It is important since the water at the Dudhsagar Waterfalls swimming site is quite deep. Hence, it you must wear life jackets before entering the water.

  • To reach Dudhsagar Waterfall Campsite from Kulem you have two trek roads. One is by mud road trek, and one is by railway track trek.

  • To reach the your destination is opt for the mud road. Trekking to Dudhsagar Waterfalls via this mud road will take 4 to 6 hours on a single journey. You could also use the beautiful and deserted railway track that will take the same amount of time to reach.

  • Walk along with the natural surroundings up until you reach the Sonalium railway station until you reach the Dudhsagar falls.

Dudhsagar waterfalls trek from Castle Rock

Castle Rock Railway Station to Dudhsagar Falls Route

  • Castle Rock railway station is located on the borders of the Karnataka State. The distance between the station and Dudhsagar Falls is about 43 km.

  • It will take about 8 hours to reach the site as you can trek through the thrilling railway track leading up to the falls.

  • Again, don't forget to rent life jackets near the Castle Rock railway station before venturing further on the track.

Best Time To Visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek

Dudhsagar Falls Best Time To Visit

  • Without a shadow of a doubt, the Monsoon season is the best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls. The waterfalls are at its best during this time since gallons of water gushes down through the mountains. A mesmerizing scene as you witness the water hitting the bottom of the falls and creating an awe-inspiring phenomenon.

  • Monsoon season lies from July to October and hence is the best time to explore Dudhsagar and the lush green surroundings of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. You can still visit the site post-monsoon but won’t find the falls in all its glory since experience a dry season from December to June.

  • Apart from this, you will also witness small rivulets and streams running across your way towards Dudhsagar falls. As you walk through the roads towards the site, you can find numerous inlets trailing down the mountain that might shower you with natural sprinkles.

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Things to do near Dudhsagar Falls

There are a lot of things you could do in and around the Dudhsagar Falls. Let us know more about them in detail:

Swim under the Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Falls Swimming Site

  • What is better than to take a swim in a natural pond with clear water? That’s right! At the bottom of Dudhsagar Falls is the naturally formed pool that is ideal for swimming.

  • After a strenuous trek, it feels quite rejuvenating to take a dip in deep waters. Bright and freezing, the pool is deep and hence it is important to wear a life jacket as mentioned earlier.

  • Enjoy the aesthetic ambiance of this natural habitat. You will find varied fishes, exotic flora all around and also monkeys circling the pool. Hard to miss this magnificent experience.

Jeep Safari at Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Dudhsagar Falls Jeep Safari

  • Dudhsagar waterfalls trek is located within the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park. Since you are venturing on this trek during Monsoon, there are two things you will prominently come across.

  • One is dense wet green deciduous forest and second, a large amount of wet mud all the way through the trail. This calls for Jeep Safari. You drive through uneven terrain, exploiting wet mud holes along with admiring the greenery around.

  • Along with it, you watch animals thriving in the green backdrop, trying to enjoy the Monsoon as well. As the parts of the Sahyadri Range, the sanctuary has precious and rarefied wildlife species. It also prides in being home to various species of herbs, spices and medicinal plants.

Visit Ancient Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple

Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple Dudhsagar Falls

  • After the jeep safari, you could visit the popular Tambdi Surla temple. This ancient temple dates back to the 12th Century and is located within the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • A rare remnant of Kadamba Yadava architecture, it is dedicated to Hindu Lord Shiva. it is quite popular among locals and tourists alike. This is spot where you can relax for a while during your trek.

Visit Dudhsagar Devi Temple, Sonalium

  • If you are trekking to Dudhsagar from Kulem, then you may come across the Sonalium railway station. It is located 8 KM away from Kulem railway station.

  • The highlight of this place is the bygone Dudhsagar Devi temple. It is a local shrine that is worshipped by the indigenous communities.

  • This is a perfect place for a mid-trek break. You can relax as well as garb something to eat before continuing further on to your Dudhsagar Trek.

Things to Know Before You Go On Dudhsagar Trek

Dudhsagar Waterfalls Things To Know

  • Know that the charges for a Jeep Safari from Mollem to the Dudhsagar Falls is INR 3,500 for an entire jeep. It usually is a seven-seater jeep amounting for about 500 INR per head for a group of seven people. Hence, it is important to carry a good amount of money.

  • It is important to plan your trip according to the time it takes to reach the falls. Choose your route with care and consideration depending on your further journey.

  • Booking of Tickets for Dudhsagar Falls is now available online on the Goa Tourism website. It helps to skip the long queues and enjoy a seamless experience.

  • Carry ideal trekking equipment, swimming gear and spare clothes while on this trip.

  • Food, water and sanitation facilities are available at Kulem, Castle Rock, and Mollem. You won’t find anything en route or after reaching the falls. So make sure you carry a substantial amount of food and water.

  • You are trekking with children and elderly, stay alert and keep them safe. Though it is not dangerous, it is important to be vigilant since you are practically trekking through a National Park.

What to carry and Things to Pack on Dudhsagar Trek

Trekking Equipment Dudhsagar Falls

To make sure your Dudhsagar trek carries without any hindrance, follow this list of Things to carry:

  • Luggage with trekking sack

  • Drinking water bottles

  • Spare clothes along with swimsuit/ swimwear.

  • Raincoat and rainwear during Monsoon.

  • Sunglasses, cap, sunscreen lotion, mosquito repellent and moisturizer

  • A torch

  • Camera and binoculars (for pictures and sightseeing)

  • Rehydration powders, energy powders, and energy bars along with personal medicine

  • First-aid kit

  • Trekking shoes

  • Any Identity proof

  • Napkins, facewash, and tissue papers, etc.

  • Powerbank and spare batteries.

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