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4th Oct 19
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Exploring Delhi is not an easy task and people are doing this from Alexander the Great's time but if you can get a direction you can explore. On this note, this featured article on Experiential Delhi walk unusual way and probably unheard before as well.

A professional theatre actor, a history buff & a heritage walk leader. Nitika is formally trained in a yearlong intensive theatre making and acting course from The Drama School Mumbai. A Post-Graduate in Social Work from the Delhi University, with over 8 years of work experience in the development sector including Govt of India.

Nitika is currently training in Kathak. She is also an animal lover and volunteers at Animal shelters in Delhi. She is one of the co founders of Darwesh.

What is Darwesh and what to expect from this unique Delhi experiences?

Darwesh is a professional storytelling organization working in Delhi since April 2013 that offers various storytelling programs including story walks in the city that are designed to get us intimate with the city. Their walks integrate a variety of creative and artistic elements-meticulously researched content presented by passionate storytellers, interactions with local communities where possible, explorations of lesser known monuments and streets, performances by theatre, folk and other traditional artists and more. Through their work in researching, documenting and presenting the city's traditions, they look to evolve our understanding and appreciation of the lesser known Delhis.!

What's the origin and how do you define your pedigree?

We are a heritage walks organization in Delhi with 7 years of experience. Our theme based customized storytelling walks integrate a variety of artistic elements. Meticulously researched content presented by passionate storytellers, interactions with local communities, exploration of lesser known monuments and streets , performance within the walks by theatre , folk and other traditional artists.

What is the core value of your experiences?

We believe in service quality, our walks cater to laymen as well as for those with deep knowledge and appreciation for art culture and history. We want to bring alive even the lesser known monuments of Delhi which are not on the popular tourist raidar

Your inspiration behind starting these experiences

Our vision is that stories are transformational. They help transform our relationship with spaces places & people. By consistently engaging in varied forms of storytelling, we envision a world that accepts and celebrates diversity

How travellers define your experiences offered

Quote by one traveller You made the whole monument come alive for us. I have been in this space before but today it felt completely different and I wish we were taught history of Delhi like this in our schools. The way you did through stories and performance.

Since we have worked with different clients from across India and abroad , we understand what the client is actually looking for. We customize our walks accordingly.

Even within the Indian clients we offer further customization for schools and corporates and NGOs. It could be a city trail to fun and educative training session to a walk that focuses on local art forms that are getting lost over time.

What qualities do you seek in traveller who wish to experience your Delhi unique walks?

Explorer who are coming with an open mind and willing to listen to stories that go beyond the popular guidebooks. Who are passionate about Indian history, art and culture.

We don't deal in physical transportation but our unique customized walks transport our clients into a different era.

What is the most unique element in your offering?

Performance element in our walks is something we are passionate and deliver a experience unimagined and couldn't be compared. Darwesh offer unique Delhi experiential walking tours which take explorer in olden era and makes it amazing by their live performances.

Their theme-based and customized storytelling sessions cater to a variety of audiences. So whether you are a traveller, an educator, a student or a corporate employee there is something for everyone.

From creating experiential city trails to fun and educative training sessions, Darwesh creates it all. Darwesh is currently led by a core team of three highly motivated women who deeply care and are passionate about preserving and reviving the city's heritage and culture. We operate on the unique paradigm of Discover-Design-Embellish-Perform.


Research and documentation of Delhi's traditions forms the core of our work, the bottomless well from where our stories are drawn out. Like any ancient city thriving in modern times, Delhi's cultural landscape has vastly changed over time with many of her traditions under the threat of being lost from memory. On our tours, we visit not just popular monuments but also explore lesser known spaces and the captivating tales that lie therein. We are constantly seeking to discover Delhi's forgotten monuments and traditions and include them into our walks and tours.


Navigating a complex city like Delhi and at the same time experiencing her charms can be quite an ordeal even for a local. Crowded and chaotic streets, hard to spot local information and various other reasons from sleazy touts to unhelpful guides come together to create a seemingly impenetrable cultural maze. We're here to guide you through that maze. We've spend huge amounts of time navigating these very dusty streets and dingy corners so you know you're in good hands when you are with us. Don't expect a highly sanitized tour though, the charms of the city are mostly found in the unlikeliest of places.


On our quest to unravel Delhi's multi faceted culture, we have come across a wide variety of people who wish to share their Delhi story. We look to recreate these stories by bringing in a melange of creative ingredients like visiting local communities and musing on their activities, performances by folk and theatre artists and blending these with stories that capture the essence of the Delhi way. Such explorations, while they create memorable journeys for our guests, also motivate artists to keep their traditions alive.


We believe that History is truly made by its storytellers. While great figures and pivotal events might shape history, it is the storyteller who acts as a bridge so that a fruitful dialogue may be had between the past and the present. And no one storyteller has the "right" perspective. The stories we bring to you on our tours are the stories of Delhi, as lived and narrated by some of her most passionate storytellers - her people.

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