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1st Feb 20
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If someone ever asks you, ‘How would you describe Mumbai in a few words?’ You definitely would struggle to incorporate all of its destinations in a couple of sentences, right? How about we make it easier for you? You could simply say, ‘Gateway of India!’ and why not? This iconic basalt-made landmark is the iconic symbol representing Mumbai everywhere across the globe. It is just not a stone arched gateway of sorts, it is indeed the welcoming abode for millions of people setting foot in the City of Dreams with a handful of dreams of their own. Just like the Statue of Liberty associates itself with the idea of hope for all coming to the United States, the Gateway of India gives hope and embraces the expecting hearts of millions and millions of people every day. There is much more to its dynamic stature and landscape. So let's get to know more about things to do near gateway of India.

About Gateway of India

Things To Near Gateway of India

  • When Emperor George V and Queen-Empress Mary arrived in Mumbai city at the fishing grounds of Apollo Bunder in 1911, British Architect George Millet was given the grand task to design a monument to commemorate their visit.

  • Sir Millet wanted to honor the majesties as well as integrate the elements of Indian culture and heritage into the design. He encompassed the design of Arc de Triomphe gateway of Paris and the iconic elements of Islamic and Gujarati architecture into it.

  • The result was a majestic four turreted Indo-Saracenic structure towering at the height of 85 feet! Built at the cost of 24 lakhs rupees, the monument was inaugurated in 1924. Onlooking the magnificent statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the Gateway of India marks the exact same spot from where the last of British troops departed after India’s Independence.

  • Apart from its awe-inspiring photogenic architecture including floral motifs, jalis, turrets, and muqarnas dome, the Gateway of India is a prime tourist spot hosting must-visit attractions all around its vicinity.

  • Get around and make some great memories but don’t forget to click a picture with the charming backdrop of Gateway of India making it unforgettable.

Let us check 5 things to do near Gateway of India to make your journey memorable:

1. Shop and Hop at the Colaba Causeway

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  • Get your bargaining skills at ready and set to go rouge while shopping in the lanes of Colaba Causeway. Lined by the vintage buildings of the British era, Causeway portrays contrasting colors of new-age lifestyle trends amid the old structures.

  • From the latest outfits to leather purses and a wide array of shoes, this shopping site is quite hard to miss while being in Mumbai. It matters less whether you are just window-shopping or planning to buy accessories for your next journey, the Causeway offers all that you need to tune up your hype.

  • You may also try various fashion stores and boutiques such as Orange, Bombay Electric, Attic, Silver House, and much more to complete your shopping spree.

2. Satiate your hunger at these delish eateries

BadeMiyan Hotel Colaba Things To Do Near Gateway of India.jpg

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  • So make shopping would have made you hungry right? Not to worry! The vicinities of Gateway of India offers so much variety in terms of foods that your tastebuds may sweat out while trying them all.

  • Step inside the iconic eatery named Baghdadi and savor one of the most relishing nonvegetarian dishes in Mumbai. Have you ever tried Fried Idlis? If not then Madras Cafe is an ideal spot for you. Savor Kebabs at BadeMiyan and Cakes at Olympia Coffee House.

  • Chicken Chilli with rice topped with a chilled pint of Beer would relax you only if you try them out at the legendary outlets of Cafe Mondegar and Leopold Cafe. There won’t be any space left both in your tummy and heart for more!

3. A Bollywood flick awaits you at Regal Cinema

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  • You had your shopping. You had your food. How about catching a movie now? You don’t need to look far. Near the Colaba Causeway stands that enigmatic and ancient Regal Cinema and Movie Theatre.

  • Entertaining the locals since the 1930s, you would definitely feel as if you have traveled back in time after stepping inside it. Its alluring interiors and design fascinate onlookers to date. With time the theatre premises in itself has become a significant heritage of Mumbai, it was the venue for the third Filmfare Awards.

  • It has also had the honor of hosting the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) in 2015 and 2016. If its history seems to overwhelm you, just grab a ticket and fall in the realms of Indian silver screens.

4. A jetty near Gateway of India but far from the hustle

Jetty Ride Things To Do Near Gateway Of India

  • Do you wish to go beyond the Gateway? But there is only the sea as far as the sight goes? Hold on to that thought and get ready to sail away in the valiant jetties surrounding the waters of the Gateway of India. A boat ride is sure to calm your senses and the right way to let your thought wander as salty sea breeze hits your face.

  • You can visit Elephanta Island and explore the ornate rock-cut Elephanta caves or move along further till the coast of Raigad and reach Alibagh to enjoy its clear beaches. Either way, these choices are sure to occupy you for the rest of the day. So make sure you check your time!

5. Remnants of a museum and luxury hotels

National Gallery of Modern Arts Colaba Mumbai Things To Do Near Gateway of India.jpg

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  • These are certainly last on this list but are certainly the best! Are you an art lover? Do you like falling in deep thought figuring out meanings of abstract art? Maybe yes or maybe no, but the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art is not something to be missed. Given the fact that it is right next to the Regal Cinema.
  • Admire the works of Pablo Picasso or find out when the Egyptian mummies were buried, there are tons of showcases to enjoy here. Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya are two of the most renowned museum to check out for age-old artifacts.
  • When you are done with that and its nightfall come out and enjoy the astounding landscape including the Gateway of India, the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and Oberoi Trident lit up with breathtaking lights. This right here would be your icing on the cake.

What a moment would it be to take a final picture decorated amidst the fascinating lights all around. The grandeur of the Gateway of India and its surrounding landmarks are something you would never wish to escape from.

Reaching the Gateway of India from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Railway Station is quite easy by hiring a cab or a bus.

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